Our Story

“I started the Girls’ Night In newsletter in 2017 when I was experiencing a period of intense burnout and needed a creative outlet to explore what it means to take care of ourselves in an age where most of us are overwhelmed and just barely able to do the bare minimum.

Being able to to share the things bringing me comfort and joy during my ‘nights in’ helped me connect with thousands, then hundreds of thousands of readers around the world who also felt a deep desire for rest, taking care, and embracing comfort.

Over the years, the newsletter has grown and evolved into a cozy and comforting corner on the Internet loved by many readers.  What started as a small newsletter focused on my recommendations and night-in favorites quickly ballooned into a growing audience and platform, all focused on a topic that could use a bigger spotlight right now: downtime.”

-Alisha Ramos, Founder at Girls' Night In

At Girls’ Night In, we celebrate downtime in all its forms: restful, playful, quiet, low, creative, private, shared.

We’re the pulse of the group chat. We’re the friend who sends an article, idea, or internet discovery and wants to discuss it. We’re curious curators, who love sharing findings and sharing in conversation.

In short, our mission is to help you live a happier, slower, and more joyful life. Let's be friends.

In The News

“How do you run a company about the pleasures of staying in, when millions of people wish they didn’t have to? ” - The Cut

Alisha Ramos is well versed in fostering community online. As a self -dubbed “online person,” she started a newsletter, Girls’ Night In, as a celebration of staying in. With the world forced to shut in due to COVID-19, Ramos and her team launched The Lounge, an online community for avid readers of her newsletter.” - All Raise

“Ramos’ GNI brand has reinvented the wheel for people to focus on self-care and wellness” - USA TODAY

"From cookies to cashmere, the comfort economy gains momentum during the coronavirus pandemic. For Alisha Ramos, founder of the popular newsletter Girls’ Night In, self-care is being able to tune in to what you need in the moment." - Fortune

“Girls’ Night In...shows promise in steering itself into a wellness juggernaut.” - Fast Company


Our Values

Stay genuine: We stay true to who we are through approachable content. We are human and show our humanity, including the messiness.

Take care: We aim to take better care of one another and our readers by exuding warmth, compassion, and empathy.

Embrace rest & play: We believe both rest and play are essential to life and business. We’re not afraid to press pause and slow down when others go fast. 

Lead with curiosity: We approach problems with an open-mind and a sense of learning — no one has it all figured out. We leave room to explore a fresh way of doing things and eschew rigidity or “this is the way it has always been done” thinking.

Create space for all: We create ways to ensure people feel heard, seen, and like they belong. We actively listen to our readers and colleagues.

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