How we make money and support other organizations

Signing up for and receiving our newsletters is free of charge, for all readers. Given that, we make money in two key ways: advertising on behalf of other brands, and through affiliate commissions. We execute advertising and affiliate content through our owned channels, which includes the newsletter, our Instagram, and our website. We also have our own e-commerce line called Whiled, where we sell products that we design directly to customers. More details below on what these all actually mean.


We work with great brands who pay us to get their products and services in front of our audience. We write and create content for these brands; that content can appear across our channels. The advertisements are denoted with FTC digital advertising approved guidelines, visibly showcasing or stating that the content is sponsored. Below are some examples of what you might see.

Examples of advertising placements in our newsletters.

Affiliate Partnerships

We might recommend a product for purchase in our content. If you click the link and end up purchasing the product, we may receive a portion of the sales. In our newsletters, this is disclosed as such: “GNI may receive a small commission from items you purchase from this newsletter.” The products we recommend are independently chosen by our editors, meaning they’re products we stand behind or we’re eyeing ourselves. Not all of our links are affiliate links.

Supporting other organizations

As our business and audience grows, we are consistently looking for ways to meaningfully support and partner with other brands and organizations who align with our brand and values. As a reader, you can get involved in a few ways to help us achieve this goal.

Nominate a BIPOC-owned brand

We are committed to supporting BIPOC-owned brands through strategic partnerships, newsletter inclusions and more, and we’d love to hear your favorites to add to our list.

Do you have a BIPOC-owned brand you’re a fan of or you’d like to see featured? Please fill out this form to nominate a brand. (Yes, it’s okay if you own the brand. :))

Nominate an impact partner

In 2020, we donated 21% of our annual profit to organizations that largely focus on promoting social justice and well-being. These organizations include: The Equal Justice Initiative, The Loveland Foundation, The Black Schoolhouse, World Central Kitchen, and Crisis Text Line.

In 2021 and beyond, we’re looking to give back across multiple paths including: allotting pro-bono advertising space, building sustainable relationships, and continuing to donate to causes that are aligned with our brand values.

Do you have a cause or impact partner that we should get in touch with and support through one or more of these paths? Please fill out this form here to nominate an impact partner.