5 Spreadsheets to Help You Take Care During COVID-19

We rounded up some resources to help you take better care right now — from indoor workouts we love to comforting things to read, watch, and listen to as you spend more time at home.

Originally published on March 31, 2020.

By Tyler Calder

I can’t count the number of times this week I’ve said or typed the phrase, “My brain feels like mush.” And that’s because it really truly does. We’re living in unprecedented times, so yes, my brain does feel like a 70’s dinner party Jell-O dessert — or better yet, something sticky and squishy enough to make the feed of your favorite ASMR Instagram account.Like many of you, I’m experiencing system overload, and know that right now — as I stay home — I’m privileged to be able to do so. That said, my brain is still somehow in a thousand little pieces on my living room floor as I spend my days on the rollercoaster of emotions this news cycle and global pandemic presents.

If you’re anything like me right now, you could use a little help in the brain organization department — or some resources to help bend your daily routines into a shape that’s comfortable enough for this moment in time. And that’s exactly why we made these spreadsheets. If you’re craving normalcy but don’t even know where to start, the answer is probably joining the GNI community in one of these helpful spreadsheets.

1) Comforting things to read, watch, and listen to right now 📺

Background bingewatching has taken on a whole new meaning during this incredibly stressful time. When the day-to-day presents new anxieties and fear, there’s comfort to be found in our favorite shows. You could flip a coin between Gilmore Girls and The Office for the umpteenth time, or you can take a look at all the new territory there is to cover in this baby.

2) The at-home workouts we’re finding helpful 🏋️‍♀️

Let’s be perfectly clear: You do not have to be productive right now. Just being, living, and doing your best is enough during this rough patch. That said, for many, exercise is the answer to feeling good mentally and physically (two things can be true at once!), so we rounded up these free and low-cost at-home fitness resources we’ve been seeing around.

3) Free meditation resources we rounded up 🧘‍♀️

Moments of calm are hard to come by these days, but keeping an eye on your mental health is as important as ever. Even if you’re not a “meditation person” (I feel you!), there’s respite to be found in having another person’s voice encouraging you through this particularly chaotic life event. Give this spreadsheet a look if you’re ready to migrate your nightly routine off Twitter and toward something a little more serene.

4) Games to play with friends (together but apart!) 👾

Current mantra: Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation. In fact, it’s never been more important to check in with your community, see how your people are doing, and (if possible!) provide some levity during this tough time. This together-but-apart gaming spreadsheet could be just the inspiration your need to make a long-distance game night come to life in your friend group or family.

5) Resources for keeping kids entertained and learning at home 👶

If you are weathering this storm with little ones to care for, let me just say, you’re my personal hero. It’s a tough time to be a parent, especially when everyone’s home all the time. That’s where this resource for kids comes into play. Give it a peek for inspiration next time you hear those dreaded words: “Mom, I’m booooooooored.”

What spreadsheets should we make next? For more resources for staying home right now, visit stayhometakecare.com.

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