Alisha's Morning Routine Favorites

Well, it turns out that I forgot to link out to my morning routine favorites in Issue #266 of the newsletter. So here they are, below!

My morning must-haves:

  1. W&P Porter Mug. I make my lattes directly into this and take it with me. I like the smaller size for easier carrying. The silicone outer material means it's easy to grip, and I like that the lid has a sliding cover to avoid any spills on my walk. My only gripe about this mug is that it *can* get hot. But I've found that most mornings here are a bit chilly, so it cools down and isn't a big deal.
  2. Lululemon Align Leggings (sizing up to 20). These are my staple leggings and I'm slowly building up my collection. I've found that they're the only leggings whose quality does not diminish with each wash, and I like that they offer varying lengths. I opt for the shorter length because of my short height (5 feet)! The waist band holds you in but doesn't squeeze or compress you too tightly to the point where it's uncomfortable.
  3. Chai SuperLatte by Clevr Blends. *this is my personal referral link! I've had to decrease my caffeine intake while also watching my stress levels. I am in love with these blends that come in a powder format. All you have to do is add hot water, froth with an electric mixer/frother, then fill the rest of the cup with water or with a splash of milk (or almond/macadamia milk, which is what I do). Et voila, you now have a cafe-quality latte with just water added! Please note that these are made with functional herbal powders mixed in, like ashwagandha, reishi, etc. so there will be an earthy taste to them. It takes some getting used to, especially in a few of the blends (the Coffee one tastes especially earthy to me), but I personally love this for the benefits these herbals have on my body and stress levels. Adding a dash of cinnamon helps, too. Cannot recommend enough—I could write a whole essay!
  4. Girlfriend Collective Recycled Zip Fleece Jacket (Sizing up to 6XL) - on sale right now! I've had this for over a year and it's just my go-to jacket for chilly mornings. I like that the length covers my butt, and the full-zip option is great in case I get a little too hot. I also appreciate Girlfriend's approach to inclusive sizing. Please note that I've experienced longer shipping times with this brand in the past, so take that into consideration—but it is worth the wait.
  5. Apple Airpods Pro. This is such a boring and basic recommendation, but I feel that I was a little skeptical of AirPods and it took me a while to get these. But wow, how did I survive before these? They stay in my ear perfectly, I haven't had any connectivity issues (which was my main concern), they easily fit into my pocket, and the charge lasts forever. I love the noise-canceling option, though I don't use that on my walks for safety reasons.
  6. HOKA Sneakers (not pictured). A sneaker I’d buy again and again. Super lightweight. Super cushioned. Each step feels a little bouncy.
  7. The North Face Crewneck (not pictured). Convinced this is the perfect crewneck for spring weather and mornings in general! Not too heavyweight, not too lightweight, and just long enough to cover your butt if you're wearing leggings. And so soft, both inside and out. This has a lot of rave reviews for a reason. Sizing goes up to 3X.
  8. Bombas socks (not pictured). Who knew that I'd invest in slightly more expensive socks? Yet here I am. These are thick, high quality, and have the little extra tab at the ankle to prevent any blisters.

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