Friends of GNI On What They're Gifting to Themselves and Others This Year

We chatted with a few friends of GNI to learn what they're gifting themselves, their loved ones, and their communities this year.

Looking for some holiday gifting inspo? We chatted with a few friends of GNI to learn what they would be gifting to themselves, friends, and others this season. They've got some great recs and if you're looking for even more, might we suggest our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide?

Sierra Tishgart, Great Jones CEO and co-founder

For me: This status menorah by B. Zippy, one of my favorite ceramicists.

For friends: These charming wall hooks to hold masks.

For others: Circular Place bakes and sells clay necklaces and donates proceeds to City Year New York, a nonprofit that supports under-resourced public schools.

Erin Fong, letterpress printer, artist, and Lounger-in-Residence

For me: These fun cups will help me to stay hydrated throughout the day!

For friends: I've been making a lot of gifts this year and since 2020 has given me a lot of time to spend in my printshop this year, I'll be gifting these Ode to Matisse prints and some custom printed portraits

For others: San Francisco-based Creativity Explored and Oakland-based Creative Growth are art non-profits supporting artists with disabilities. You can support by simply making a donation or snagging some really great art. (Great for yourself or for gifts!)

Sophia Roe, chef and host/producer of VICE's "Counter Space"

For me: It’s no secret that I am completely obsessed with mushrooms, so the idea of being able to grow my very own blue oyster, lion’s mane, or pearl oyster mushrooms is basically a perfect gift to myself.

For friends: The only way I’ve been able to talk to most of my friends this entire year has been through a screen. We are getting more screen time than ever, and frankly I am worried about how that may affect our eyesight long-term. I will for sure be gifting all of my friends a pair of these blue-light glasses because you should be able to protect your eyes, and look cute too!

For others: Let’s face it, we are all taking in some kind of news right now. And 2020 hasn’t exactly been the most positive year we’ve all experienced. This newspaper subscription is dedicated to bringing you the positive, uplifting, and joy-filled news stories we all so desperately need right now to give us all some much needed hope.

Lindsay Adams, artist & illustrator

For me: This Byredo candle and room spray has been on my wishlist. Byredo has risen to my favorite brand for perfumes. I’m always looking for nice smells for the home, so I'm excited to try this.

For friends: This book, Great Women Artists. I want people to learn more about the amazing women artists out there and share that with others.

For others: Support for Families of Children with Disabilities supports families of children with any kind of disability or health care need, and the providers who serve them. The organization gives them the support to make informed choices that enhance children's development and well-being.   

Molly Baz, chef and founder of Recipe Club

For me: This pajama romper that will permit me to wear jumpsuits all day long and then also to bed.

For friends: This world peace hat, because....well, I think it kind of speaks for itself.

For others: I'm donating to The Hunger Project, because as someone who is fortunate enough to cook and eat for a living, it is my responsibility to help create a world where others do not go to bed hungry at night.

Monica Burton, editor,

For me: I’ll be stalking this Dusen Dusen bathrobe until it’s back in stock, but, in the meantime, I'll take some custom Golden Girly sweats in a similar colorway.

For friends: Amass hand sanitizer. Yes, it's exceedingly practical, but the scents make it more luxurious than the hand sanitizer many of us are buying for ourselves, and maybe I'll send along some of the brand's gin or botanic vodka while I'm at it.

For others: Restaurant Workers Community Foundation advocates for restaurant workers and allocates grants to organizations that support the industry. Right now, donating to the RWCF COVID-19 relief fund means that I'm contributing directly to restaurant workers, to loans for restaurants, and to other restaurant worker-focused nonprofits. I'll also be giving to Bed-Stuy Strong to continue the work of feeding people in my immediate community.

Libby Rasmussen, social media & marketing director and Lounger-in-Residence

For me: This Neon Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter in my favorite color.

For friends: Daisy Mask Chains from my Etsy shop. Perfect for keeping your mask clean and close by!

For others: My friends at Ordena Tribe are raising funds to bring love and healing to the domestic violence shelters serving Dinétah. The Amá Dóó Álchíní Bíghan (ADABI) benefiting domestic violence and sexual assault shelters on the Navajo Nation.


Jazmine Rogers, sustainable fashion influencer

For me: This chunky knit cardigan because I dream of being wrapped up in this colorful cloud and sipping on cocoa all winter long.

For friends: Pure Matcha because this is some of the best matcha I've had and we all could use a cozy drink right now.

For others: Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls.

Elyse Fox, founder, @sadgirlsclub.

For me: REST. It what my body has been yearning for so I’ll be taking time off.

For friends: My favorite gift is a whitening toothbrush by @brightbrushofficial.

For others: My son and I will be donating Christmas gifts to 3 families in need. Learn more details here.

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