Let's Celebrate: The 100 GNI Recs and Reads You've Loved the Most Over the Years

We compiled all of your favorite GNI picks, tips, and reads.

Remember back when you were in elementary school and your teacher would ask you to bring in 100 of something on the 100th day of school? 100 pennies, 100 gum balls, 100 tiny erasers – it was just the best. Well, good news: decades have passed and we still love celebrating a big round number. This week, our community grew to 100,000 strong on Instagram, and we were feeling celebratory about it sooooo… we rounded up 100 of your favorite self-care items, books, GNI reads, home items, and life tips to celebrate this milestone. Thanks to everyone that’s a part of our community – online and in real life – we love catching up with you at book club, on Instagram, and in your inbox every Friday. — The GNI Team


1. This Notch Collar Pajama Set from Target might just be our most popular PJ set of all time. Extremely on-brand.

2. We didn’t know we needed the Glossier Mango Balm Dot Calm until we tried it. Arguably the best flavor yet?

3. This Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet is one of the most popular skincare products in GNI history – and for good reason. It’s a cult classic moisturizer that’s light, quickly absorbent, and smells good, too. Great for sensitive skin.

4. Inspired by Emma Watson’s, this book clutch we recommended was a conversation-starter and SO. MANY. OF. YOU. bought it. Would you wear a book-style clutch?

5. Those moments when you need a place to put your keys, wallet, and phone when at the gym are all too real. This Baggu Sport Crossbody is a perfect alternative to a full gym bag.

6. There’s been lots of buzz about natural deodorant in our community, especially this Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus one we rec’d more recently.

7. The Everlane Day Heel might just be the perfect shoe. Good for work and good for play, the day heel is one of your most beloved shoe picks of all time.

8. This W&P Porter Mug is one you’ll be happy to tote around with you – from home, to your commute, and eventually your desk. #ThreeDrinksClub, anyone?

9. The Madewell Acetate Hoop Earrings are somehow neutral and unique all at once.

10. If your skin runs regular to dry, the Kosas Tinted Face Oil is a GNI community-approved option.

11. This year, our team made a conscious effort to stop using single-use plastics – and so did you. We all loved this Five Two Reusable Silicon Straw Set from Food52.

12. A robe’s a robe’s a robe – but this one was really exceptional. This Parachute Waffle Knit Robe is soft without being suffocating. Plus, it’s one of the most chic robe options out there, in our humble opinion! Investment-worthy.

13. You know those skincare products that are so good they make you a little mad? The Tata Harper Resurfacing Face Mask is chef’s kiss for dull skin that could use a little brightening.

14. You all loved scrunchie szn – both big and small.

15. There are bath robes and there are house robes – the Eberjey Gisele Robe was your favorite of the latter.

16. Texting puts enough of a strain on our neck –you don’t need a whole heavy towel up there causing mayhem too. This Aquis Absorbant Hair Towel is a lightweight lifesaver.

17. Ah yes, the J.Crew Pajama Set – the set we’ve recommended over and over and over because it’s just that good.

18. Katrina told us all about the S’well Sports Cap and we never looked back. Now you can take your beloved S’well bottles on-the-go without all that spillage.

19. You can’t mess with a classic – The OG Ugg Slippers continue to be a hit. Perfect for the upcoming cozy months.

20. Olivia and Tyler wouldn’t stop talking about this Lune + Aster Sheet Mask Set for about a month – and you all were into ‘em too. Pro-tip: They make the best stocking stuffer.


20. Q&A with Jenna Wortham of the New York Times

21. How to Build a Skincare Routine

22. Thinking Green: The GNI Community’s Tips + Practices for Living More Sustainably

23. Why Don’t We Celebrate Earning a Doctorate the Same Way We Celebrate Getting Married

24. Ashley C. Ford on Human Storytelling, Financial Wellness, and Learning to Ask for Help

25. The Best Notebooks for Fall If You’re Not Going Back to School But Wish You Were

26. Q&A with Doree Shafrir of the Forever35 Podcast

27. We Fully Endorse a Chill Bachelorette Party: Here’s How to Pull It Off

28. How to Spend Money on Yourself and Feel Okay About It

29. An Interview with Writer and Illustrator, Mari Andrew

30. How to Have a Perfectly Cozy Night In on New Year’s Eve

31. Everything You Need to Know to Take a Staycation As Soon As Humanly Possible

32. 6 Ways to Practice Self-Care That Aren’t a Face Mask

33. All the Trendy Plants are Secretly Hard, So We Wrote You a Guide to Houseplant Care

34. Working From Home? Here’s How to Avoid Bingewatching a Whole Season of Stranger Things While You Do It

35. The Official GNI Packing List

36. We Fully Endorse This Frame For Finally Getting Your Prints on the Wall

37. Community Post: Tips for Focusing on Your Mental Health This Month

38. Self-Care by the Sign: Co—Star Astrology’s Guide to Taking Care

39. The Low-Down on Supers, Squalane, and Serums

40. Room for Two: An Introvert’s Guide to Moving In With Your Partner



41. Truly no night of ~hangin’ on the couch with friends~ can be complete without having them sign your couch guestbook.

42. You invest a lot in your skincare, so it only makes sense that you’d be into this Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator to keep all of it at the right temperature.

43. No shame in our pumpkin spice game is our fall 2019 slogan, and apparently it’s yours too – we got a lot of posi feedback on this Magnolia Hearth and Hand Harvest Candle.

44. Lots of you were in the market for a rug earlier this year, and you liked Alisha’s Terracotta area rug!

45. It was either the cute packaging or the notes of sandalwood, amber, and moss that made you love the Otherland Rattan Candle. Maybe it was both. Yep, can confirm the whole thing is great.

46. Chenille is basically a GNI’s best friend. That’s probably why this Chenille Throw caught your eye too.

47. Sometimes you just need to feel super clean, and this bathroom rug helps with that.

48. Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes, but this minimalist Vitruvi porcelain diffuser is a very pretty splurge. Our rec? Lavender essential oils at night, orange in the morning, and lemongrass when you’re trying to get work done.

49. Katrina’s Tineco Vacuum is the gift that keeps on giving (especially for Virgos and clean-for-fun types).

50. Heading out on vacation? Olivia and Tyler both have these packing cubes, which they swear by.

51. Cultivating cozy vibes is easier when you’ve got nice textiles nearby. This blanket Ladder encourages it.

52. When in doubt, take a bath. This bamboo bathtub tray makes it easy to bring a book (and maybe a glass of red!) in with you.

53. This slip silk pillowcase not only feels nice, but it’s soft on your hair and skin if you’re prone to breakouts or unruly locks. Yasssss please.

54. So simple but so soft. This faux fur throw is perfect for winter.

55. Plant parenting is more fun when you put your fauna son in a llama Basket.

56. Half the battle of packing a lunch is finding the right containers. This lunch bag is collectively saving us all from buying $12 salads every day.

57. Look, we’re not saying a gravity blanket will solve all your problems, but it can def help calm you down if you’re a restless sleeper. This cooling gravity blanket is the one Cara uses.

58. Better morning beverages are made possible by this frothing wand for milk and matcha.

59. Whether you’re sharing a room or traveling often, this book light helps you keep up with your to-read list in dark spaces.

60. There are truly no words for how much we hate ironing – so we have no choice but to stan this Mini Steamer.

Life Tips

61. Planning a group trip? Use this spreadsheet to help get started on all the logistics.

62. Use your sick days to make your doctor’s appointments. This works if doctor’s visits drain you (you don’t need the added stress of rushing back to work), but also if knocking 2-3 annuals out in one day sounds like a good solution for you.

63. Trying to keep costs low and reading high? We love the Libby app for accessing your local library’s e- and audiobook collections.

64. Need help setting boundaries? This guide from a real therapist is actually helpful.

65. Actually catching up with friends over a meal can be tough when everyone is looking at their phone. Play the phone-stacking game (everyone puts theirs in the middle) for some real quality time.

66. Always wonder what to bring to a potluck or housewarming? This strawberry rhubarb galette is a perfect go-to for impressing all your friends during berry season.

67. Frame your New Year’s Resolutions as self-investment rather than self-improvement. It can really help your relationship with yourself to think about what you’re adding to your life, instead of what you’re taking away.

68. Jolie Kerr dropped in to guest edit Issue #84 and reminded us about the importance of a braudit, “a review of their bra collection to weed out ones that no longer fit, were past their prime, or that just never got worn.” Preach!

69. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the news cycle or social media, choose one night a week to put away tech and “live slowly” with loved ones.

70. Take a minute to write out and stock up on easy ingredients for “throw-it-together meals” so you have easy pantry items on-hand on those days you just can’t (!!) think about what’s for dinner.

71. Our friends Liz and Mollie guest edited Issue #116 and told us about the user manual that they share within their teams at work. It’s called “How to Work With Me” and we think it should probably be implemented in every workplace.

72. You don’t have to have a boutique fitness subscription to pursue your fitness goals. At-home workouts work too.

73. Feel like you’re taking on the brunt of the emotional labor in your household? Talk to your partner about how it feels to be the one always making plans for the two of you.

74. Financial wellness is a part of self-care too. Here’s how to confront the wage gap in your own workplace if you find out that Billy down the hall is making more than you.

75. We don’t know who needs to hear it, but you don’t need to have a vacation planned to take a day off of work. If you have PTO, remember to take it!

76. Downloading I love Hue for a very pretty puzzle game to have on hand when we’re waiting in line at the DMV or just need a quick brain challenge.

77. Need a pick-me-up throughout the week? Make a habit of buying yourself flowers on your Sunday trip to Trader Joe’s. We’ve never once regretted it.

78. If you find journaling to be an impossible habit to keep, you can start with a prompt to get ideas flowing.

79. If you commute, don’t forget to: wear sneakers, consider a backpack as your work bag, buy proper rain attire, carry a water bottle, and prioritize comfort. It will literally change your life!

80. Trying to meet new friends? Join a book club!


Book Club Books

80. The Mothers by Brit Bennett

81. Too Fat Too Slutty Too Loud by Anne Helen Petersen

82. Reset by Ellen Pao

83. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

84. The Power by Naomi Alderman

85. Goodbye Vitamin by Rachel Khong

86. Text Me When You Get Home by Kayleen Schaefer

87. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

86. The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer

87. The Ensemble by Aja Gabel

88. Circe by Madeline Miller

89. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

90. Educated by Tara Westover

91. The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

92. Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay by Phoebe Robinson

93. I Might Regret This by Abbi Jacobson

94. All You Can Ever Know by Nicole Chung

95. The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray

96. A Woman Is No Man by Etaf Rum

97. From The Corner Of The Oval by Beck Dorey Stein

98. The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins

99. Very Nice by Marcy Dermansky

100. Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino

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