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Read This, Gift That: The Books to Give Based on The Reads They Already Love

GNI-approved reads for your search for what to gift your bookish friend this holiday season.

This holiday season we’re embracing all things cozy — from the books we plan to read by the fireplace to the recipes that comfort us as we hibernate all winter long. We’re taking some time to celebrate moments of peace and reflection — and that’s why we’re headed Homebody for the Holidays. 🤗✨

Not sure what to buy for the book lover in your life? We’ve got a workaround. With a little help from their past reads, you can figure out what direction they’re likely to head next. Yes, that means we’re giving you permission to sift through their Goodreads and check out their “read” list (or go the analog route and take a peek at their shelves). After all, it’s the season of giving and nothing says “I get you” quite like finding just the right read for someone to dive into next.

If they read Bringing Down the Duke and Well Met

…then they have to read Get A Life, Chloe Brown! Sure, it’s easy to fall for a good love story; but what these three books have in common is a deeper story beyond the romance that makes them uniquely impossible down. With this pick, the book lover in your life will instantly fall in love with these characters and get the steamy romance they’re looking for!

If they loved Dominicana and If Only I Could Tell You

…grab them a copy of Nothing to See Here. On the surface, these three books couldn’t seem more different, but they actually have more in common than you’d think. They’ll get all the emotional feels they loved from Dominicana with the family drama they can’t get enough of from If Only I Could Tell You. Get this if you’re looking for a fun and surprising pick to gift a friend.

If they couldn’t stop talking about Early Riser and Sourdough

…they won’t want to put down Recursion. For the friends that love modern takes on science fiction, this is the perfect book to add to the ol’ to-be-read (TBR) list. The writing’s so good that it feels like it could be real (much like Sourdough), but it’s also full of action, making it a page-turner akin to Early Riser.

If they enjoyed The Wangs vs. The World and The Mothers

…they will love Little Fires Everywhere. Your friend’s got good taste, and it’s clear they’re interested in books about family dynamics with multiple characters and viewpoints. This character-driven book gives them all of that plus intriguing plot points that will carry them through to the last page (and keep them wanting more!).

If they couldn’t put down On The Come Up and Patron Saints of Nothing

…they need to read With the Fire on High. It’s not enough to say this type of reader loves the Young Adult genre. It’s really that they love Young Adult books with powerful messages surrounding important social issues. All three of these books will make them think, maybe make them cry, and will leave them thinking long past the last page.

If they got lost in Circe and Ninth House

…they will really like Gods of Jade and Shadow. Who doesn’t love their fantasy with a side of forbidden love and strong female characters? If they read Circe they clearly love mythology; but this read gives them an opportunity to explore Mayan Mythology. Are they into mysticism? If they loved the magical elements in Ninth House, they’ll love the similar themes throughout Gods of Jade and Shadow.

If they thought Woman in the Window and Necessary People were serious page turners…

…they would be super excited about Lock Every Door. We all have that friend who is OBSESSED with thrillers. And who can blame them?! When a thriller is well done (like Woman in the Window and Necessary People) the end of the book will have you craving more. Lock Every Door is the perfect book to read at that exact moment when you can’t bear to part with the genre. Put their true crime skills to the test and see if they can figure out how it ends!

If they liked The Golden Hour and The Music Shop

…they would love the gift of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Historical fiction is cool, but when you throw in a love story with characters that pull at your heartstrings?! That’s an epic novel. What these books have in common is just that — they’ll transport you to the past but tell you a modern day love story while they do it. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo takes it a step further. While on the surface it seems like a love story, your reader friend will get so much more than romance from this one.

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