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We Launched Stay Home, Take Care Today

Introducing Stay Home, Take Care: Your one-stop shop for taking better care of yourself and your loved ones as we make an effort to stay home to combat COVID-19.

Originally published on March 22, 2020.

Hi there,

Today I’m reporting to you live from my kitchen counter — which is also now my office, puzzle corner, and go-to happy hour spot these days.

When I launched Girls’ Night In as a way to celebrate the joys of staying in, I never imagined that “staying home” would one day become less of a choice and more of a mandate. Now, as we operate in a whole new world with the global COVID-19 pandemic, “staying home” has taken on a whole new urgency and meaning to us.

We’re thinking of staying home as an act of kindness and community care. And we wanted to build something to reflect that.

We’ve spent the last three years sharing with you the many ways to use your home as a place to unwind, take care, and create memories. Now we want to use that indoorsy spirit to empower all those who can to stay home to do so.

Meet Stay Home Take Care — a new site we built to make it easier for you to stay home, take care of your people, uplift your community, and stay connected to your loved ones.

As we socially distance in the weeks to come, we’ll be filling this site with fundraisers you can donate to (we’re starting with Crisis Text Line and World Central Kitchen) and resources to help you take care. Plus, there are lots of ideas on how you can help your neighbors, support local small businesses, and care for those who are struggling through very real tough realities — from job loss to sickness — right now.

We recognize for many — like the brave people working in hospitals, grocery stores, and essential jobs around the world — staying home isn’t an option right now. But if it’s an option for you, we want to help you fully commit to it so we can all flatten the curve and make the world a little safer for those who are working so hard to put an end to this thing.

This isn’t an easy moment in time, but it’s one we hope to help improve by doing what we do best: staying home and taking care of ourselves and, most importantly, each other. We hope you’ll Stay Home and Take Care with us.

Take Care,

Alisha Ramos, Founder/CEO of GNI

This is an excerpt from our Issue #162 of the weekly Girls’ Night In newsletter.

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