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Golden Gifts

November 16, 2021
Washable Silk Weighted Sleep Mask

This hits the nail on the head in terms of a just-luxurious-enough gift for friends. It's comfortable, cushy, and totally blocks out light. Plus, it’s weighted—an extra bonus for an even better night’s sleep.

Maldon Salt Tub

You know how every recipe seems to suggest sprinkling flaky sea salt before serving? With this giant tub, you never have to worry about running out. Maldon crystals have a beautiful shape that really give a “pop” to whatever you sprinkle them on. So give those scrambled eggs that extra oomph! Make that salad shine! Shower those chocolate chip cookies (actually, don’t shower them per se, the limit does exist here)!

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

Here’s the greatest thing about this robe: the more you wear it, the softer it gets… and it starts out pretty dang soft.

Food52 x Dansk Butter Warmer

This butter warmer is not *just* for butter. You could gift it with something like a butter knife, sure, but you could also do some nice hot cocoa mix and marshmallows, or mulling spices and wine, or even boxed Mac and cheese—the possibilities are endless… sort of like the color options.

Barefoot Dreams
Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw

One fact that stands the test of time is that one can never have enough blankets. And when it comes to soft and cozy, this one is the true GOAT. If you gift this, prepare yourself that you might not see the giftee for sometime—after they get under this blanket, there is truly no coming out!

Dash Popcorn Maker

This is the ultimate at-home movie night vibe setter. There’s just something about being able to watch the kernels pop… it’s easy, nostalgic, joy-inducing, and oh-so-satisfying. Plus, there's a little butter warming tray on top, which we suggest filling all the way.

Aesop Shampoo

Why fancy shampoo? It gives the recipient that daily (or every other day, or weekly… no shower judgment here) moment of complete ahhhhhh. The rosemary-cedarwood-juniper berry scent is the deep breath they didn’t know they needed.

L.L. Bean
L.L. Bean Wicked Slipper

These are the best slippers ever made, in our humble opinion, thanks to the overflowing shearling that hugs your foot with every step. Plus, their durability and construction will help them last, like, forever.

Heath Ceramics Multi-Stem Vase

This is in fact The Perfect Vase Shape. It holds a nice bouquet of flowers and is the right height. A simple role, but one accomplished extraordinarily well. And the colors are lovely too—statement-y but never garish. This vase makes a room say “Hello, look at me, I am an adult because I have this extremely elegant and classy vase.”

Material Mini reBoard

Sometimes, all you need is to quickly cut up some fresh veggies or fruits as a snack without hauling out a larger cutting board. Enter this recycled plastic number, which comes in several fun colors to brighten up your kitchen. Practical meets sustainable meets good-looking.

Richer Poorer
Richer Poorer Recycled Fleece Sweats

With all the time we’ve spent in sweats recently, we can confidently say that Richer Poorer’s fleece and terry sets are unmatched. Their seasonal hues are always on-point, but what we love most is that they’re made from recycled materials (plus they won’t pill after 18+ months straight on the couch).

Olive & June
Olive & June Complete System

This has everything you could want for a high-quality at-home mani or pedi. Like, things we’d never thought to buy: a case that transforms to a foot stand, a touch up brush to fix your mistakes, acetone-free polish remover with an extra sponge in the lid to clear your toes, nail clippers specific to fingers or toes, and moisturizer to soften your heels.

Otherland Candle Trio

Picture this: a crackling fireplace, the smell of mulled spices and fresh balsam, a snowy scene displayed through a frosted window. The Otherland Gilded Candle Trio will transport you to a winter wonderland and transform any space by bringing the outdoors, indoors with smooth scents that burn, well, perfectly.

In Good Taste
In Good Taste Wild Child Wines

Who knew we could love a virtual wine tasting just as much as having one in person? In Good Taste lets you run your own tasting, or sign up for a guided hour with one of their experts, which we highly recommend. It’s a genuinely fun way to connect and celebrate the holidays with family on the other side of the country. Their uniquely selected wines cover fan-favorites, a wild collection, and new selects from Down Under.

Wild One
Wild One Walk Kit

What makes the Wild One walk kit so special is the attention to detail. The leash and collar material wipe clean instantly. The leash clips are adjustable, making it easy when you clip your pup to a carseat or café table. The cushy harness is made for comfort and safety, and also allows for multiple lead styles. Plus, the kit comes in bright, bold, or neutral tones, and fits dogs teeny to huge.

Fly By Jing
Fly by Jing Triple Threat

This sauce and spice trio will level up any meal, from veggies fresh out of the oven to four-day-old leftovers that need a little kick. They really are good on everything. Yes, even that, as Fly By Jing says.

The Laundress
The Laundress Best Sellers Kit

The Laundress's tried-and-true scents are absolutely heavenly. This makes a great gift for someone because 1) everyone does laundry, and 2) not a lot of people would purchase such a luxurious laundry item for themselves. So why not gift it?

Romy Studio
Romy Studio Earrings

Affordable statement earrings are our love language. Not only are they the only thing people actually notice on Zoom calls, they are also great for literally any outfit, whether it's a casual errand day or a fancy dinner out. We love the color and shape options from Romy Studio, a D.C.-based small batch jewelry maker.

Whiled Sunny Side Up Puzzle

Okay, yes, Whiled is Girls’ Night In’s sibling brand, so perhaps we’re juuuust a bit biased. But these are the facts: the artwork by artist Lan Truong is super fun and vibrant, 500 pieces makes it a breeze(ish) to complete either solo or with friends, and the final product is cool enough to hang in a frame. We speak the truth!

Brother Vellies
Brother Vellies Cloud Socks

The Cloud Socks are a major step-up from your go-to cozy winter sock. Not only are they made from the plushest cotton material, but they have an adjustable loose fit that's ideal for snuggling on the couch all day. Pull them up for a leg warmer look, or scrunch them down under your sweatpants.

Three Gems Tea
Porcelain Gong Fu Tea Set

Function meets whimsy with this beautiful, handcrafted teaware set. It comes with a gaiwan, saucer, pitcher, and 3 cups, so it has everything your recipient needs to press pause and enjoy tea time with friends. Also, they’re handcrafted, making each of them one-of-a-kind.

Plant Subscription

A gift that keeps on giving (and growing!). Rooted is the best because they have thoughtful options like personalizing your plant picks by light level. There are a ton of resources on their site and even a text line you can reach out to with questions—can confirm they’re super friendly and helpful!

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