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Gifts to Buy in Bulk

Buy some gifts in bulk—it’s one of our best gifting secrets! These easy pick-ups are anything but generic, and many are even customizable, based on your recipients.

November 3, 2021
Map of the World Jumbo Puzzle

For the babies or toddlers in your life, stockpile some puzzles for when you need to bring a gift last-minute. These have large, sturdy pieces that won't get lost.

Haus Sampler Kit

"I've been bulk gifting this Haus sampler for birthdays all year, and cannot recommend it more for the holidays. You can customize flavors for each person to make it personal because they really make something for everyone." - Katrina

SOS Save.Our.Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray

"Dry skin is a pretty universal winter dilemma. This spray will help with that. It's good for a midday refresh, reducing redness, mitigating acne, and improving overall texture."-Olivia

Washable Silk Sleep Mask

"I actually bulk gifted this to my friends last year. It's a product I personally have and love. It was perfect for bulk gifting because the masks are so lightweight, you can easily ship them by themselves, or together with a few other products." -Alisha

Fun Resuable Straws

"A sustainable, fun, and small-in-size gift makes the perfect bulk gift, IMO." -Alisha

The Mini Bar: 100 Essential Cocktail Recipes

"This time last year, I got myself this cocktail recipe book set and I am now fully convinced everyone needs one. These hand dandy recipe books will elevate any bar cart without the clutter." -Olivia

The Mini Essentials

"This kit is already packaged in a beautiful, festive look, which makes your bulk gifting that much easier. Needless to say, these olive oils are my favorite." -Alisha

Follain Glow Set

A well-rounded moisturizing set from one of the best clean brands on the market. This kit covers the basics and is the ideal set for those cold and drying winter months, no matter your skin type.

Soko Glam
Sheet Mask Set

Sheet masks make a great stocking stuffer.

The Ultimate Apron

"One of last year's top gifts was one of my favorites to bulk gift. This year, Five Two has released short and kids sizing too." - Katrina

Stacker Ring

"I've had this ring for many years and it's such a cherished, easy staple that goes with any style that I think it could make a great gift for a set of best friends you want to treat." -Alisha

APOTHEKE 10-Pc. Signature Votive Candles Gift Set

You really can't go wrong with candles and this way you can gift one to 10 friends for under $10 each.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

You can personalize these sets to your recipient's fave drink.

Terry's Chocolate Orange

"Whenever I bring these up to friends, they mention how nostalgic they are AND how they're hard to find. It's the didn't-know-you-wanted-it gift." -Mary Anne

Olive & June
The K.I.T Kit

This is an easy pick for your girlfriends that's also easy to mail. We swear by the cuticle serum.

Skinny Dipper Set

You can never go wrong with a bath set when it comes to gifting, and Pursoma is the ultimate bath salt brand.

Water Wow

"I have yet to meet a kid that doesn't love Water Wow. A great last-minute 'oh-I-need-to-bring-a-small-thing' option when there are kids involved ages 1-5!" -Carey

Everyday Notebook Set of 4

For friends who are constantly scribbling down notes and couldn't have too many notebooks.

Sunny Side Up

This bestseller of our sibling brand, Whiled, has the most beautiful and vibrant colors. Not only is it a great gift, but a fun holiday activity to be shared with friends. It would look great framed and placed on a wall after you're done!

Open Spaces
Nesting Trays

These super versatile trays can sit on a nightstand, dresser, kitchen, desk...really anywhere, which makes it a foolproof gift for anyone on your list.

Lift Down
Lift Down Beanie

Just about everyone could use a beanie to keep to keep them warm but what makes this gift extra special and fun is the wide variety of colors said beanie can be! The Lift Down Beanie comes in 12 different colors, from slim green to fire orange and cornflower blue.

Twist Candles, Set of 6

"Someone gifted these to me last year and I thought they were the most chic and fun gifts ever. Plus, they are fairly easy to tuck into a box filled with other gifts if you're a generous gifter." -Alisha

Free People
3 Rings

"Psst: there's usually a 3 for $30 deal!" -Mary Anne

Dot Grid Notebook

You can get these monogrammed, which makes it the perfect 'special' but also bulk gift! A pro tip: definitely get the Le Pen add-on at checkout so your giftee has all they need to scribble down notes.

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