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Gifts That Are (Mostly) Edible

November 27, 2020
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Vintage-Inspired Food Ornament Set

Finally, a holiday decor theme we can get behind. Snacks should definitely live as decor year-round.

MOMA ButterUp Knife

How have we not thought of this magical tool sooner?

Wine Bag Set

Sure, wine is a great gift. But so are these super cool reusable bags to put wine in!

Mini Essentials

Not only is this bundle of mini olive oils and vinegars an amazing gift, but it's also something we're definitely keeping for ourselves.

Bon Bon Bon
Box Box Box

The bonbons of your dreams, in all kinds of interesting flavors from coffee & donuts to high tea.

Sampler Pack

"Consider this your newest pantry staple. I'm a confident cook but I leave some dishes to the experts. Enter, Omsom. The sampler pack is full loud and bold Thai, Filipino, and Vietnamese flavors that will cut down your cooking time without compromising." -Olivia

Salt and Pepper Bottle Grinder Set

A sleek ceramic set to up any holiday tablescape. This grinder can take on whole spices, nuts, and even dried fruit.

Rancho Gordo

Okay, while not everyone would love a bag of heirloom beans, the ones who would know that Rancho Gordo is the top of the top when it comes to beans. Really, these are good.

Rancho Meladuco Date Farm
The California Date GiftBox

These Medjool dates will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about medjool dates. Plumpy, soft, sweet, amazing.

Té Company
Pineapple Linzer Cookies

"OMG, these cookies. First of all Te Company is one of New York City's true gems and once it is safe to dine in a small setting again, please go there and have a cup of carefully selected Taiwanese tea. But in the meantime, buy yourself these cookies, brightened with lime zest and a kick of chile pepper. They are just lovely." -Carey

Seemore Meats and Veggies
Broccoli Melt Sausages

Are sausages a weird gift? Whatever. Your family members will appreciate the fact that you care about their health (there are veggies!), and their happiness (these are just... really good!). The pepperoncini really make the broccoli-cheese-pork mashup work.

Monsoon Chocolate
Monsoon Signature Collection

"On a trip to Tucson, Arizona two years ago, I didn't necessarily expect to find one of the best bean-to-bar chocolates I'd ever had. Monsoon Chocolate is special. This pack shows the breadth of their offerings and how much fun you can have with chocolate." -Carey

Gotham Grove
Vinegar Mini Gift Set

These vinegars are stunning and brighten everything from salad to meat. Seriously, they will make you re-think vinegar.

Breads Bakery / Goldbelly
Chocolate Babka - 3 Pack

The babka of all babkas.

Little Food Socks

Buying up these foodie socks for everyone we know (read: for ourselves...)

Guntur Sannam Chilli from Diaspora Co.

"Every spice Diaspora Co. makes is 100, but I love sprinkling a little bit of this chilli on just about everything." Tyler

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
Top Sellers Collection

"Yes, you read that right - an Ice Cream Gift bundle is all I want for Christmas this year." -Katrina

Luke's Lobster
Fresh Lobster Roll Bundle

When you can't make it to the lobster shack, bring it home with you. Luke's Lobster is GOOD and the pieces of lobster are substantial.

Murray's Cheese
The MVP: Most Valuable Platter

This platter is THE crowd pleaser. If you are sharing this with "people that don't like cheese" just see what happens after they try a few of the options here. Cabot Clothbound Cheddar has been a known converter of many a cheese skeptic.

Hayden Flour Mills
NYShuk X Hayden Flour Mills Crackers

You know the crackers that feel a little too expensive to buy for yourself, but if you happen upon eating them you're like "OMG I didn't know crackers could be so good?" These are them.

Morning Breakfast Kit

"A few years ago I was feeling homesick and my family sent me this Zabars kit chock full of fresh bagels, lox, rugelach, and everything my NY dreams were made of. When you can't go to NY for the real deal, have the real deal come to you." -Olivia

Sampler Kit

For the casual drinker that enjoys a cocktail and has graduated from boxed wine.

Public Goods
Sweets and Treats Bundle

A perfect little winter sweets bundle. All you need is a fire to snuggle next to.

The Spout

Beauty meets functionality meets expert olive oil drizzling.

Ventrusca Tuna in Olive Oil

Not sure if these are tasty little cans of tuna, or works of art. Either way, they're a gift to be showcased on any table.

Bagel and Cream Cheese Making Kit

Call it the night, or morning, of our dreams. If you've tried out the sourdough trend, proceed directly to bagel making.

Flower Pot Bread Making Kit

So you've mastered sourdough, but have you tried making bread in a flower pot?

Sourdough Bread Kit

If you missed the spring 2020 sourdough fad, have no fear. This FarmSteady kit has everything you need to get baking, and hopefully get snacking soon.

Milk Bar
Pumpkin Dulce de Leche

Ditch the grocery store pumpkin pie and forget apologizing for not hand delivering dessert - Milk Bar's Pumpkin Dulce de Leche is the holiday classic you've been missing all your life.

The Farmer's Dog
Fresh Food

You pick only the best snacks for yourself, your doggos deserver them too!

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