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Our Favorite Gifts from Small Businesses

November 27, 2020
Via Maris
Block Chanukiah

This playful modern take on a holiday classic not only displays your candles proudly, but it stores them for you too!

Lace U Bra

"Support and comfort are cute again thanks to this little lace piece by underbares." -Olivia

The Qi
Special Connection Set

"Perfect for gifting because it already comes in the most giftable packaging. I love the message of slowing down and connecting, too." -Alisha

Romy Studio
Clay Earrings

"These earrings just make me smile — I love following along with the new designs and colorways Camille chooses season over season. They make for a perfect friend gift!" -Tyler

Strange Paradise
Beaded Mask Chain

"My latest statement piece came in the form of this mask chain." -Olivia

Virginia Sin
Duo Candlestick Holder

"A slightly more wallet-friendly version of Virgina Sin's more sculptural candelabra. Perfect for hygge yet minimalist vibes." -Alisha

Salt + Umber
Montana Snakeskin Leather Lace-Up Boot (Reclaimed Collection)

"Putting on these booties instantly puts me in a better mood. They add a pop of fun to any outfit, and the best part is that they're ethical, sustainable, and support female entrepreneurship in India." -Jenny

Gold Locket

"My gold locket is a classic staple piece I almost never take off, and holds my favorite teeny tiny photos." -Katrina

Virginia Sin
Weylyn Candelabra

"I am a huge fan of ceramicist Virgina Sin's hefty but modern pieces. This candelabra is not only functional, but acts as a sculptural focal point for your dining room, entryway, or wherever you choose to display it." Alisha

Wolf & Moon
Abstract Charm Hoops

"OMG EARRINGS! They are artistic and playful all at once. I have so much fun interchanging the charms to keep things interesting." -Olivia

Dusen Dusen
Everybody Bin

"I've never spent so much time thinking about trash cans until we moved to our first house earlier this year and all of a sudden needed a lot more of them. Can I just say, I get a lot of joy about a bin smiling back at me? Makes me think more about what I am throwing out!" -Carey

Cancelled Plans
Cancelled Plans Candle

"There's nothing that says 2020 like cancelled plans."

Andrea Caceres
Custom Pet Artwork

Any dog mom will tell you that all they want is more photos of their precious lil pup. Take it one step further with Andrea Caceres's custom pet portraits and order a custom blanket, bandana, or necklace instead.

Bocce's Bakery
For the Stockings

"I know what my dog is getting for Chanukkah this year, and it is a lot of festive treatos." -Katrina

5-Bag Quinoa Set

"IMO, the best gifts are items you might hesitate to buy yourself at first, but LOVE when a knowing friend gifts them to you. I love this DC-born and WOC-owned sustainable food brand so much because they're working directly with farmers in peru to develop more sustainable agricultural practices and a more firect supply chain. Idea: Buy this five-packs and split it up to create "foodie baskets" of wholesome ingredients for your culinarily inclined pals." - Tyler

Bogolan Bauhaus TWIST Plant Pots

"Since I believe there's no such thing as TOO many plants, you really can't go wrong with gifting a plant - especially when it comes in a cute pot like this" -Jenny

Binu Binu
Soap Box Set

"Love this set of soap from Korean makers who evoke the calmest, nostalgic vibes for me." -Alisha

Fable Farm Fermentory
Wine Club

"I recently visited Fable Farm Fermentory in Barnard, VT and can't get enough of their small-batch farm fruit wines, vinegars, and elixrs. I've learned a lot about their special team and agricultural practices that make their forraged apple, grape, and other fruit wines so unique. The Petite Pearl and Roza Mira are MUST-haves." -Katrina

Snake Plant

"For the aspiring plant parent that wants green bbs but can't manage to keep them alive." -Olivia

Self Care Is For Everyone
All We Need Is Empathy -- Sweatshirt

"I love literally every sweatshirt on this site, but I chose this message because I love the idea of spreading empathy - even if it's just during a trip to the grocery store down the street." Jenna

Jasper Hill
The Cheese Baller

"This is some of the best cheese made in the United States, full stop." -Alisha

Rose Foods
Fish Tote Bag

"Good food and good people is what Rose Foods is all about. I wish we could ship their bagels, but for now we'll support from afar with this cute AF tote." -Katrina

Free Period Press
Collage Kit

"I'm a big fan of gifting friends an opportunity to get creative -- but also, let's be real, an acticity to do at home this winter. I love this collage kit for this reason. It comes with a great mixture of textures, words, and images and it's PERFECT for moodboarding your way into 2020." - Tyler

Cadence Candle co
Vibes Candle

"Cadence delivers the ultimate vibes with candles and a playlist to pair it with." -Olivia

Then I Met You
Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel

"Can't start my day without this super soothing facewash. Also, it miraculously lasts forever? I feel like someone's playing a trick on me because I've been swearing my my bottle for forever and there's still so much left!" -Jenna

Matilda Goad
Scallop Trim Napkins

"I've had my eye on Matilda Goad's perfect wiggles and scalloped edges for a while now, and think this would make the sweetest gift for color-lovers out there." -Alisha

Lindsay Adams
Quarantine Chronicles Artwork

"The colors in this piece! It's so calming and happy and reminiscent of sunny days spent with good friends over good coffee. I have a couple of friends who I'd love to gift this to as a promise that this will be us again one day." -Jenna

Sir Dogwood
Teddy Fleece Ivory Sweater

"Matching sweaters with my dog is a huge part of my winter vibe, and Sir Dogwood curates the best of the best when it comes to dog fashion. Yes, you read that right - dog fashion." -Katrina

Felt and Fat
Handmade Ceramics

Handmade ceramics created in Philly.

Dehiya Mihakka

A skin cleansing tool originally from Marrakech, Morocco that you'll want to use daily. The terracotta base is covered by woven organic cotton that helps exfoliate while you wash your face each day.

Brklyn Home Medium Rope Basket with Knob

A cute little basket made by Brklyn Home you can use for pretty much anything, so there's no excuse NOT to have it!

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