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The Ugly Shoes We Refuse toTake Off

We’re all for cute, colorful shoes that really make an outfit, but if we’re being honest, our true footwear passion lies with ugly, chunky shoes. Yes, you read that right. The shoes that form so perfectly to your foot shape that you barely take them off. The shoes that seem to somehow really ~*get*~ you the way a pair of heels never could. So let’s hear it for the ugly shoes, who we love for exactly what they are. Here are a few of our all-time faves.

August 19, 2020

These Chacos are one of my top-three purchases of the summer. I'm going to keep it really real with you: I bought a men's version because I wanted the toe loop in black, but they come in a TON of fun colors. One of the only ways I've been able to maintain some normalcy in 2020 is by going on "hikes" on the weekends. While never too challenging, these (okay, fine) long walks off-pavement and surrounded by trees make all the difference in the world to me right now. Also, secret's out: I wear these Chacos around the city now too. - Tyler, GNI Team

Madrid Birko-Flor

These are the only sandals I have worn this summer. It doesn't matter if I'm wearing a dress, shorts, or athleisure—I'm always wearing these Birkenstocks. I think I've inadvertently made them my "signature look" based on frequency of wear. - Carey, GNI Team

Fila Women's Disruptor 2 Premium

Do these shoes miraculously go with every outfit I own? Yes. Do they help me reach things I normally couldn't because they're so chunky? Also yes! I love these sneaks because I prioritize comfort over everything when it comes to my footwear, and they give my style an extra oomph that can only be achieved by statement shoes. - Jenna, GNI Team

Birkenstock EVA Sandals

I've always had a thing for Birkenstocks, but felt they're a little clunky and weigh me down. In come the EVA sandals that are light as air and a fraction of the cost of regular Birks. I fell for them immediately. They still have the support and comfort Birkenstocks are known for, but are waterproof, easy to clean, and come in bright and neutral colors. They've been my go-to style all summer, and you know I'm wearing with them socks into the fall. - Katrina, GNI Team

Karhu Fusion 2.0 Sneakers

I love these Finnish shoes but don't own them because the ones I like are only in men's sizes and my feet are too small. There are ones that are hike-y camp counselor-y and some that are bowling shoes-esque. Chunky & ugly cute. - Mary Anne, GNI Team

Outdoor Voices
Hoka One One Clifton 7

I feel like I'm running everywhere these days. Whether I'm running to the grocery store, running local trails on the weekend, running to get a morning matcha, or running away from my inbox, these Hokas keep up! - Olivia, GNI Team

Urban Outfitters
Teva Original Universal Sandal

I love these shoes first and foremost because of how lightweight they are. They feel like air - like you're not wearing shoes, which is all I want right now - my feet want to be FREE. They're easy to slip into, and they're easily washable and durable too. I go for really long trail walks with these, so overall a great outdoorsy shoe! - Alisha, GNI Team

Classic Leather Shoes

I'm bringing back my favorite pair of classic dad shoes. Not only are they comfortable for socially distant walks around LA, but they've been my go-tos for playing tennis, something else I've gotten to bring back in quarantine! - Jenny, GNI Team

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